Medicine Bakery + Deli from July 4th, will be open 7 days a week 9-4, offering our full deli service with takeaway menu as well as a limited availability of seats for our brunch & lunch menu. Bookings are being taken at codsallorders@medicinebakery for booths of up to 6 people, deposits will be taken to secure bookings. Please note that the Medicine team are doing everything we can to ensure social distancing and the correct measures are being taken.

Shop our deli, bakery & fresh produce in store or pre-order for collection or delivery (within 3 miles, Friday & Saturday, minimum spend £30)

Deli Menu


Lasagne   7

Vegetable Lasagne (V)  6

Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese (V)  5.5

Bean Chilli (Pb)(Gf)  6

Beef Brisket Chilli (Gf) 7


Deli Coleslaw (Gf)   3

Potato Salad (Gf)   3

Hummus (Pb)(Gf)   2

Homemade Aioli (Gf) 2

Sausage Roll 3

Vegan Sausage Roll (Pb) 3


White Sourdough  3

Granary Sourdough  3

Sunflower Seed Rye  3

Sea Salt & Rosemary Focaccia  2.5

Brioche Buns  0.7

70% Chocolate Brownie  3

Salted Caramel Brownie 3

Nutella Blondie  3

Rocky Road 3

Superfruit Flapjack (Pb) 3

Carrot Cake  3

Jam Brioche Doughnut  3

Honeycomb Brioche Doughnut 3.5

Sticky Toffee Pudding Doughnut  3.5

Croissant  2

Almond Croissant 3

Fruit Cake (Gf)(Df)  3

Sticky Toffee Banana Bread (Gf)  3

Raw Brownie (Gf)(Pb)  3

Pecan & Maple Bun   2.5

Chelsea Bun 2.5

Chocolate & Hazelnut Cruffin 4

Chocolate Brownie Cronut 4

Summer Fruits Mille-Feuille Cronut 4


Bunched Carrots   1.2

Potatoes 2kg   2

Spanish Onions   0.5

Bananas   1.5

Lemons   0.4

Limes   0.4

Sourdough Starter   5

Eggs 2


Plain Flour 1.5kg   2.25

Self Raising Flour 1.5kg 2.25

Strong White Bread Flour 1.5kg   2.25

Porridge Oats 1kg   2

Homemade Granola  (Pb)  3.5

Dark Chocolate Drops 100g   2

Milk Chocolate Drops 100g   2

White Chocolate Drops 100g     2

Medicine Sunday Brunch menu

Take Away Menu



Croque Monsieur 5

Full English Breakfast 9

Medicine Breakfast Sandwich 7

Sausage, Bacon & Egg Brioche 6

Halloumi Brioche (V) 7

Halloumi & Bacon Brioche 7.5

Falafel Sandwich (Pb) 6.5

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough (V) 5.5

Granola Jar (V)(Gf) 4

Bacon & Maple French Toast 8


‘The Big M’ 10

Harissa Chicken Salad Bowl (Gf) 8

Middle Eastern Buddha Bowl (Pb)(Gf) 8

Pulled Chicken Burrito 6

Daily Focaccia Sandwiches 5
Available on our Deli Counter

Almond / Coconut / Oat Milk available +0.5

Americano 2.5

Mocha 2.8

Café Latte 2.5

Cappuccino 2.7

Flat White 3

Iced Latte 2.9

Chai Latte 3.5

Fresh Orange Juice 3.5

Green Goddess Smoothie 4

Very Berry Smoothie 4

Eat In Menu


Apple Pie Overnight Oats 5 (pb)
almond butter, baked apple, cinnamon &
granola crumb

Granola Jar 4.5  (v)
homemade granola, greek yoghurt,
seasonal fruit compote, honey


Classic Breakfast 9
sourdough toast, free range egg, beans,
tomato, garlic mushrooms, bacon, sausage

Vegetarian Breakfast 10 (v)
sourdough toast, free range poached egg, beans, tomato,
 garlic mushrooms,  falafel, sweet potato & squash, halloumi

Vegan Breakfast 10 (pb)
sourdough toast, beans, tomato, garlic mushrooms,
scrambled tofu & wilted greens, falafel,
sweet potato & squash, avocado


Sourdough Toast 2.5 (pb)*
served buttered* with jam, honey or marmalade

Smashed Avocado 5.5 (pb)*
on buttered* sourdough toast with radish ceviche,
dukkah & pomegranate

Pesto Ricotta on Sourdough 6 (v)
with grilled courgette, sautéed greens & fried egg

Homemade Beans on Toast 5 (pb)*
on buttered* chilli sourdough
+chorizo / black bomber 1.5

Bacon & Maple 8.5
vanilla brioche french toast with streaky bacon
& maple syrup


Classic Benedict 9
brioche bun, honey roasted ham, free range poached eggs & hollandaise

Salt Beef Benedict 11 (gf)
sweet potato rosti, salt beef, fried duck eggs & hollandaise

Harissa Benedict 9 (v)
brioche bun, sautéed greens & tomatoes, free range poached eggs & harissa hollandaise
+chorizo 1.5


Robinsons Sausage 5

Bacon 4.5

Medicine Breakfast Sandwich 7
bacon, fried egg, american cheese & chipotle aioli

Halloumi 7 (v)
grilled halloumi, avocado, pico de gallo & chilli jam

Halloumi & Bacon 7.5
grilled halloumi, avocado, streaky bacon & chilli jam

Falafel 6.5 (pb)
chickpea falafel, hummus, pico de gallo, avocado & sriracha mayo



Three Cheese Sourdough 4

Mushroom, Garlic & Comte 4.5

Croque Monsieur 5

Salt Beef Reuben on Rye 5

Daily Focaccia Sandwiches available on deli counter


Free Range Eggs on Toast 4.5 (v)
sourdough toast with scrambled or poached eggs 

Turkish Eggs 9 (v)(gf)*
tomato, pepper & chilli ragu, baked eggs, yogurt,
sumac & sourdough toast*
+ chorizo 1.5 / + wilted greens 1

Salmon & Eggs 9
toasted rye, free range scrambled eggs,
smoked salmon & dill crème fraiche

Masala Eggs 6.5 (v)
indian spiced onion & fresh coriander scrambled eggs
on buttered sourdough toast

Mushrooms on Sourdough 8 (v)
mushroom ragu with fried duck egg &
crème fraiche on buttered sourdough toast

Medicine Huevos Rancheros 9 (v)(gf)
corn tortilla, refried black beans, cheese, pico de gallo
fried egg, avocado & lime crema


Middle Eastern Buddah Bowl 9.5 (pb)(gf)
chickpea falafel, beetroot hummus, greens, brown rice,
pickles, harissa cauliflower, roasted carrot, avocado, chilli jam, tahini dressing & seeds

Harissa Chicken Salad Bowl 9.5 (gf)
harissa chicken, hummus, greens, harissa cauliflower,
feta & chickpea salad, tzatziki, roasted carrots & harissa honey dressing

Ultimate Medicine Burger 10.5
double stacked cheeseburger & streaky bacon on brioche
& medicine sauce served with fries & coleslaw

Falafel Burger 9 (Pb)
falafel on a beetroot brioche bun with beetroot hummus, avocado & sriracha mayo
served with fries & red cabbage slaw


Poached Egg 1

Fried Egg 1

Two rashers of bacon 1.5

Two rashers of streaky bacon 1.5

Black Pudding 1

Wilted Greens 1


Fries & Aioli 3.5

Side Salad 2.5

Coleslaw 2

Avocado 2.5

Chilli Jam 1.5

Halloumi  2.5

Wilted Greens 1